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                                                                    Happy New Year!
I see in The Times of 1/16/15 where Superintendent Steve Guthrie has informed the Board of Commissioners of his budget plans for the next four (4) fiscal years.  For next year, he wants $173.5 million (a 7% increase), then $180.4 million (an additional 4% increase), then $189.4 million (an additional 5%), then $198.9 million (an additional 5%).  All told, a 21% increase, over a 4-year span.

My Mom used to say, “If wishes were horses, beggars would ride.”  Let’s look at some realities:
1) Mr. Guthrie runs a school system which has seen “declining enrollment for nine straight years” (Times, 1/16/15).  That trend is projected to continue for at least the next 5-6 more.  Yet Mr. Guthrie wants more, and more, and more – for fewer, and fewer, and fewer students.  This defies both logic and common sense.  Question (and I would tie this directly to every CCPS funding request): What specific, concrete steps is CCPS taking to stem, then reverse the exodus of students from Carroll’s classrooms?
2) That same school system routinely grants diplomas to 93% of its high school seniors; but, of those who then enroll at Carroll Community College, over 70% learn that they must take remedial Reading, English, and/or Math (just the foundational building blocks of any education and subsequent career).  Those diplomas are essentially counterfeit, and a cruel joke on us all.  Question (and I would tie this directly to every CCPS funding request also): What specific, concrete steps is CCPS taking to remedy its “remedial” problem, and make diplomas meaningful once more?
3) Although it isn’t mentioned in the Times article, the State of Maryland also provides public school funding, over and above County funding, under the Thornton Formula, whereby a given school system receives State funding based largely on enrollment figures.  Under that law, when enrollment declines, State funding must also.  Given Carroll’s enrollment problems, anyone can see major school funding problems ahead – and soon.  Question: Short of reversing CCPS’ enrollment trend, how can Mr. Guthrie avoid the pain of reduced State funding?    
4) Despite all the lather and blather we’ve seen and heard in recent years about teachers’ salaries, not only is this issue unresolved, it’s getting worse (Times, 1/116/15).  And the bogus “Bonus” Band-Aid scheme won’t fix it.  It won’t go away, and it won’t get any better until and unless it’s addressed honestly.  Question (this too, I would tie directly with every funding request): What specific, concrete steps is CCPS taking to stem, then reverse the exodus of quality teachers from County classrooms?
5) In the real world, real customers expect real value for their dollar.  When they don’t get that, they take their business elsewhere.  When taxpayers/voters start realizing that they’re paying increasingly more for their children’s schooling – and getting increasingly (progressively?) less – blaming the Board of Commissioners won’t wash any more.  We’re seeing that take place today; fully 20% of Carroll’s school-age children are receiving their elementary and high school educations in other than County classrooms.
6) The County’s Department of Management and Budget estimates this coming year’s total revenue as essentially unchanged from the current year.  Yet Mr. Guthrie is expecting a 7% increase for the coming year, and an average of 5%/year through FY19.  Question: In the cold hard light of day, is Mr. Guthrie’s wish list even possible, much less realistic or appropriate?  “If wishes were horses…”
None of the above is new, or a surprise.  And it won’t go away.  And it doesn’t even include Common Core, PARCC testing, and all that goes with it.
2014 was quite a year.  Fasten your seat belts; 2015 is only just starting.  Happy New Year.

Bud Nason



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