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Millions of Americans realized we fell asleep at the political wheel and have taken responsibility for doing so-hence the coming together of the Tea Party-we know the only way to change our direction is to change our politicians. However, you have to be an informed and educated voter.

It is our civic duty to take an active role in our country’s governance. Too many of us forgot, were too busy with life or just didn’t care-now our country is in a mess thanks to politicians taking advantage of our trust in them.

Here you will find a plethora of information regarding local, state and national politics and the effect on our everyday lives.

We meet the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month at Legend’s Café in Westminster beginning at 6:30 PM. There are no dues or requirements for attendance.  Our meetings involve political discussions, speakers (political and non-political) and community outreach projects.

WTP exists to inform and educate anyone who has a desire to hear and learn about the political goings on in a nonpartisan approach. Every political party is represented in WTP-we believe we are Americans first and foremost and there’s no sunshine between the two major parties.

Join us at a meeting or keep up to date by regularly visiting this site-our webmaster updates almost on a daily basis.

We ask that you familiarize yourself with the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights-once you do you’ll quickly realize just how far out of spec most of our politicians truly are. Hillsdale College has a free 10-week online course called “Constitution 101: The Meaning and History of the Constitution”  For their website, click here - www.rushforhillsdale.com

Many of us have been duped into thinking government has all the power-the Constitution and Bill of Rights give you and me-We the People-the power. Government is not the answer-the answers lie within each of us, the individual.

We hope you find our site user friendly, informative and useful. Please contact us with any questions. 

Mission Statement

The Mission of We the People, is to hold our elected servants in both state and federal governments accountable to the United States Constitution and the laws made pursuance thereof, and to that end, make every effort to educate Americans to their heritage, which is based on Judeo/Christian principles, and found in the Declaration of Independence, and the explanatory writings of the Founding Fathers and Framer's of the Constitution.


  • All activities of WTP must be in accord with its Mission Statement.
  • All discussions and debate within WTP must be free, unfettered, and respectful.
  • No WTP recommendation or action is binding on any member.
  • WTP will not endorse or contribute to a political candidate.
  • WTP will not sponsor any county activity in conjunction with any political organization.

Organizational Structure

We the People, an unincorporated association, is a collection of its individual members existing on behalf of and to further the interest of those members.  It does not exist to further itself as a corporate entity.


Any concerned citizen is welcome at any WTP activity.

Our Strategic Plan

  • To gather and disseminate information on issues, officials, and candidates.
  • Propose possible courses of action on the issues, i.e., attending a rally, meeting or hearing, making phone calls or writing emails.
  • Sponsor candidate forums.
  • Encourage membership growth using flyers, newsletters, and website www.wtpccmd.org.
  • Develop a social program to honor Veterans of the United States


Letter From Ellen Sauerbrey


President Obama is throwing the Constitution under the bus and promises to continue to use executive orders to ignore the law.  Concern grows about a developing constitutional crisis. Even prominent voices on the left are raising the alarm.  What happens if the President continues to defy Congress and the Courts?  The outcome could depend on the military, which it is charged is being purged at an alarming rate of loyal and experienced leaders

Constitutional Crisis: Which way the Military?

Some years ago the University of Nebraska asked us to help build a crowd for a debate between William Rusher, the publisher of the conservative National Review Magazine and Nat Hentoff, of the liberalThe Village Voice.

While William Rusher and William F. Buckley, Jr. and National Review, were already familiar, it was only necessary to read a few back issues of The Village Voice to understand that Nat Hentoff was (and is) one of the world’s most articulate liberals. We filled the auditorium; however, we didn’t know what to expect. Would the debaters be civil or uncivil?

More than civil, they listened respectfully to what the other had to say. The audience was treated to the best ideas that both conservatism and liberalism had to offer in an atmosphere of respect and even genuine friendship between the two icons of their differing points of view.

Unfortunately, in April, 2012, Mr. Rusher went to his Eternal rest. Fortunately, Mr. Hentoff is still with us and continues to give voice to liberal causes. But what brings this particular column about is that Mr. Hentoff, the consummate left-winger, has just called for the impeachment of President Obama, saying that Mr. Obama is the most dangerous and destructive president ever and is far worse than Mr. Hentoff’s former target, President Richard Nixon.

Mr. Hentoff says Mr. Obama has thrown the U.S. Constitution under the bus and is ruling as a dictator. As evidence, Hentoff cites Mr. Obama’s delay of the employer mandate in ObamaCare, the changing of types of plans available under ObamaCare, ignoring our immigrations laws, refusing to deport illegal immigrants, enacting stricter gun-control measures without Congressional legislation, sealing his presidential records, creating government offices and Czars without authorization, and changing the pay grades of selected federal employees without authority.

For work-a-day Americans, these burrs under Mr. Hentoff’s saddle might seem insignificant; however, one of conservatism’s leading voices, St. John’s University Professor M. Northrup Buechner, writing in Forbes Magazine on November 19, 2013, says Mr. Obama’s unlawful actions could lead to a troubling scenario: "A Republican Congress is elected and repeals ObamaCare over a Democrat President’s veto. The President refuses to enforce the repeal. The Supreme Court rules that the President’s refusal is unconstitutional. The President denounces the ruling and refuses to be bound by it.

"If the President persists in rejecting all authority other than his own, the Dénouement [outcome] would depend on the side taken by the Armed Forces..."

Writing in The Washington Times on November 12, 2013, Commander J.D. Gordon, USN (Ret.), a former Pentagon spokesman, says "...every week since President Obama took office, we’ve been hearing that another top leader has been summarily fired, despite decades of loyal service and valuable experience protecting the nation. Statistically speaking, it’s actually closer to one every 8.8 days, a staggering 200 military brass shown the door in less than five years."

Thus, one wonders if this Stalin-like purge of generals and admirals is a precautionary step taken by Mr. Obama in advance of a descent into the darkness of a Constitutional crisis.

If so, as the actress Bette Davis famously said, "Fasten your seat belts, this is going to be a bumpy night."

Nationally syndicated columnist, William Hamilton, was educated at the University of Oklahoma, the George Washington University, the U.S Naval War College, the University of Nebraska, and Harvard University.



Ellen Sauerbrey

4122 Sweet Air Road

Baldwin MD 21013



Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy;

its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery” ...  Winston Churchill

While Barack Obama was on the campaign trail in 2008, they played the race card on Bill Clinton and haven't stopped playing it since. The race card has been the corner stone of what we've watched them build over the past six years.

I was taught that if you didn't like something someone was saying, you had two choices: walk away/turn the channel or tell/write that person why you don't like what was said. That's worked for centuries.

Now, they've made a business out of being offended. Overhearing a conversation or reacting to a public statement then making a fuss is no longer enough for these people. Using private conversations never meant for public consumption are now fair game to force the loss of private property, your political party affiliation is just cause for a violent reaction and your skin color and gender, especially if you're a white male who's not a self-loathing pajama boy, place you in the 'acceptably hated the most' category.

Minorities, who's ranks have grown faster than my lawn this spring, only have to stick out their boo-boo lip (5 Native Americans for instance) and the tree humpers, feel-good-doers, media and this administration will move mountains to assure their plight changes centuries of moral, just and lawful policies, while chastising Republicans, the Tea Party and George W Bush for making their lives this wretched.

Similar as to how Superintendent Guthrie and teacher's union president, Ted Payne have tried to convince teachers that commissioners, three candidates for school board and the Tea Party are responsible for their financial unhappiness, Twinkle Toes & Company, have influenced many to hate anyone else who's not exactly just like them, all in the successful effort to deflect blame and criticism from themselves.

You should be offended that someone has actually taken advantage of being an American, living in America, made a life and has nice things. You should be offended that during a natural disaster (snow, rain storm) your neighbor planned and has an ample supply of food and maybe a generator. You should be offended by a fellow student or co-worker who studied and worked hard for the grades or promotion.

The bottom line in this exercise is that those who we used to call slackers, bums and lazy (sound like how our president described himself?) are those most offended. Their lives are miserable and instead of taking responsibility for their own actions/inactions, they've been swayed it's okay to hate someone else for their own short comings. It's always someone else's fault, right? GW Bush would be a wealthier man if he had a dollar every time this administration (including his BFF's, the media) blamed him!

Like most petulant children, they play their hand too far where even the most gullible (their BFF's again) have their illusion shattered and will eventually come out of the haze. Skewed polls can't even hide the mood of the country in the latest NBC/Wall Street Journal report. Real Clear Politics is an average of all polls that shows over 70% of folks believe we're on the wrong track.

It's time for feigned outrage to be put away, hurt feelings to be put back in a jar high up on a shelf, boo-boo lips sucked up, for big girl and boy panties to be put on and take a step back and aside-let the adults fix what you've broken during your little hissy fit.

This administration's lawless actions have opened the gates of hell on so many levels, including in Carroll County. The very fabric of this country is torn, but not ripped to shreds-yet.

In two weeks, we celebrate our nation's birthday-the birth place of freedom, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I absolutely love our form of government; I'm just not happy with many of the clowns running it or the remaining who don't have the testicular fortitude to be the adults.

Our Framers and Founding Fathers told us we have a responsibility to protect what they gave us, or risk falling prey to the will of tyrants. A tyrant is occupying the white house and it's up to us to force the necessary change, starting Primary Election Day.

The Cantor elephant fell hard and shook the ground. It's our responsibility to continue that shock wave by making these last few days before the Primary count. Let's retire and defeat some liberal and faux elephants on Tuesday, really give them something to be offended over then regroup for the victory march in November!

Yours in Patriotism,
Chair, We The People Carroll County

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